The Dream Ten eBook Series

The Dream Ten #1 Book: David's Miracle

covercoverDavid Malone is an average 12-year-old boy who loves basketball and dreams of playing for the Raymond Hills Warriors, the elite club team in his hometown. But when he doesn’t make the team because of his below-average height, he considers giving up the game for good.

Then, over summer vacation, David meets a group of local boys who share his love for the game and a fierce determination to overcome the Warriors’ rejection.


The Dream Ten #2 Book: Where's Tony?

wheres tony coverSix months after the events that took place in first book, the Dream Ten have made it to the semi-finals of The Lower-NYC All-Star League Winter Classic. After a brilliant game against The Cobras.

Tony plays a great game and is being invited to play for The New York Panthers, one of the best team in the region , but to everyone’s surprise he doesn't show up for the first practice.When he misses a Dream Ten practice and doesn’t answer the phone, the other players understand that this is not a coincidence and something is wrong.

The gang decides to put off the semi-final practice before their crucial game against their worst rival, The Warriors, and starts their adventure in the streets of New York to seek the answer... Where's Tony?