Readers love David’s Miracle!

A Magic Ball

Erving’s style is authentic and describes the interpersonal dynamics and the stormy psychology of his young athletes accurately…An important book, a magic ball!

Greg Sampson, Des Moines, Iowa

A Literary Miracle

[David’s Miracle is] the first in a promising series about a group of youngsters from the big city who seek a future in basketball, but are turned down by various clubs and teams. The book is already receiving favorable reviews and gaining a strong following. [David’s Miracle] is, like its name suggest, something of what appears to be a literary miracle.

Norah Idelson, San Francisco, California

Looking Forward to the Second Book

This wonderful book [David’s Miracle] was written by [A.D. Erving], who was himself a basketball player. [David’s Miracle] is the first in a series of basketball books for young adults, The Dream Ten, and we’re looking forward to the second book…

John and Jackson Peters, Austin, Texas

Great Even if You’re Not Into Basketball

The writing flows well, and it is easy to relate to [David’s] feelings and thoughts, even if you’re not really into basketball. The book is complemented by black and white illustrations by Guy Morad. Great for children and teens who like basketball, but not exclusively.

Daniel Northrop, Wayne, New Jersey

My Son Wouldn’t Put it Down!

When I received a copy of the book, I just put it down on my desk, as I receive many books. But then my son saw it and said ‘I want to start reading that!” He took it, and for the very first time, he didn’t want to watch TV, play on the computer, or even go to his afternoon activities. He read for two-and-a-half hours without budging…

Sarah MacLellan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Highly Recommended

Wonderful…I have an ongoing fight with my son: He steals it from me, and I steal it back. The book is great. Highly recommended.

Jeremy Green, Phoenix, Arizona

they LOVED this book!!!!

My sons recently received the book 'David's Miracle' at a Stephen Curry camp they attended, and they LOVED this book!!!!. They are anxious to read the next book in the series.

Missy Holden, USA