About the book

The  Dream  Ten  is a  ten-book international basketball series from Israeli children’s writer A.D. Erving (Amir Doron).

The books follow a group of unlikely basketball players between the ages of  ten  and twelve who form their own team after being rejected by their local club team. The fun and exciting collection – for children and teens ages 7-14 – details the group’s basketball adventures, with each volume devoted to one boy’s unique story.

In each book the author point the spotlight on one of the characters, and dive into that character's life, conflicts, and story.

The book is accompanied by illustrations created by Mr. Guy Morad, one of Israel's leading illustrators. The books are available exclusively from online e-book retailers as well as here, on the series website.

The first book ("Oded's Miracle" or in English David's miracle) received great praise in the Israeli Press since it was released in stores about 6 years ago.

Haaretz, Israel's most "intellectual" daily newspaper (often referred to as "The Israeli New York Times "), had described the book as "one of the most important books on the shelf of every young (9-14) kid ":

Book 1, “David’s Miracle”

“David’s Miracle” is the story of twelve-year-old David Malone, who fails to make his local club basketball team, the Raymond Hills Warriors, because he is too short. Plagued by his height, he considers giving up the game of basketball for good. Then, over summer vacation, David meets a group of local boys who share his love for the game and a fierce determination to overcome the Warriors’ rejection.

With a little help from a local basketball legend, Michael Erwin, the boys decide to form their own team – but not before facing a challenge that threatens to end it all before it even begin.

Coming soon - Wheres Tony? Vo. 2